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Besides Training and Consulting, DSGC has extended its professional services to include:

  1. Facilitation services
  2. Training Coordination
  3. Expert opinion
  4. Event Management
  5. Book Cover Design
  6. Website/Blog Design
  7. Research
  8. Data Collection
  9. Coaching
  10. Computer Maintenance

Facilitation Services

DSGC offers process facilitation services for groups who need a neutral third party to provide a framework for guiding them through their critical meeting, strategic planning session, or in preparation for a large event. The facilitation enables groups to think more clearly and systematically, ensuring you get the results you are looking for from that meeting. Our facilitation services include:

  • Facilitating strategic planning and other smaller group meetings or workshops
  • Facilitating large groups and developing a consensus of views from a broad range of participants
  • Facilitation skills training.

The objective of our facilitation is to achieve quality results within a deadline. Our facilitation process is unique in that we offer a flexible, realistic, and clear approach, while recognizing and capitalizing on the differing styles and strengths of the group to get the results needed. our facilitators do this by:

  • ensuring clarity of task
  • providing a process and thinking framework appropriate to that task
  • using effective facilitation and group management skills

The benefits of using a facilitator are:

  • ensures the outcome of the session is “owned” by the group and can be implemented
  • enables groups to channel their expertise to achieve the results they seek in the time available
  • encourages full participation so no one dominates the agenda

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic Planning is a vital component of organisational life. Done well, it helps pool the wisdom and aspirations within your workplace, and charts a robust ways forward. It can be used by work teams, departments and the whole organisation. At DSGC, we have a passion for clear and simple strategic planning processes that actually involve the people who are going to implement them.

There are many ways to approach Strategic Planning. However, the process needs to be simple, clear and owned by the people undertaking the strategic planning. All too often strategic plans are too complicated and seen as fairly useless by the people who are meant to be implementing them. They may use complex and hard to understand formats for example. Often the people who have to implement the plan, are in fact not part of developing it. Such plans can be undertaken in a tokenistic (not serious) manner, not owned.

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