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Keys To Building Rapport With Your Clients

by Dr. Saaid

Keep relationship with customersIt is necessary to build rapport in business, because it allows you to have a better understanding of your customers’ needs. Therefore, it is mandatory that you learn the keys to building rapport with your clients. Researchers have suggested many ways as bridges to creating strong rapport. These are discussed below.

Create Interest
The first step is creating an interest in the life and activities of your clients. Talking about the other person’s life, hobbies, interests and even work helps you learn about their temperaments, likes, dislikes, weaknesses and strengths. This enables you to interact with them in a way that will not rub them the wrong way.

Be Sincere
Another aspect of building a strong connection is by being sincere. Be yourself, but at the same time be flexible enough to accommodate their views, ideas, and feelings. This enables clients to also, be open and free with you, and puts them at ease when interacting.

Giving customers a sense of control is another vital step towards building a strong connection. Let them get involved in decision-making, freely share their ideas, suggest appropriate time for appointments, and even ask them how they would like you to address them.

Showing empathy and reaching out to customers creates a bond that enables people to feel that they belong, and that they can actually count on you. Listening to their problems, disappointments, misfortunes, suggestions and trying to see things from their perspective helps create a lasting sense of security and friendship.

The other way is to display a depth of character. For instance, in a group of people you will meet people who are undergoing different experiences, or who have differing outlooks to life. There are those who are serious and want to discuss business and politics and there are those who are easy going and would like to discuss the funniest on-going television comedy. Being able to hold a conversation with these two groups of people comfortably increases your chances of creating a connection with a larger audience.

Proper presentation and attractiveness will also increase your chances of striking a rapport with customers. Clients will want to create a connection with a person who is well dressed, neat, and articulate.

This is another excellent way of making people comfortable with you. A client who feels like they are going to be judged is less likely to open up and be truthful with you.

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Richard July 13, 2012 at 5:58 AM

Informative article on rapport building. Discerning serious from the easy going is helpful and aids the deployment of specific warm-up tools. I personally find using humor the fastest way to developing social comfort with new prospects, as you cannot always tell for certain their temperament, until you first test heir funny bone.


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