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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I intend to hire your consultant(s) to come and train in my company, at our location. May I know how do I go about?
A: Please e-mail to, specifying the area of training you are looking for.

Q: How do I communicate with the consultant?
A: We recommend you communicate via e-mail and phone with the consultant to further explain the situation and expected outcomes from the consultation/workshop. You may contact Dr. Saaid at: or by phone (+1) 1-855-377-2243 (US toll-free) or (+6) 012- 3121424.

Q: Can you conduct in-house training for my organization?
A: Yes, I certainly can.

Q: Can DSGC training programs be customized to meet our specific needs?
A: Yes, we can customize our training programs to match your specific needs. Our consultant will work with your organization to determine the most appropriate training for your staff.

Q: What is the target group of your training programs?
A: Our programs can be tailored for individuals or group of individuals at different levels of an organizational hierarchy including clericals, executives, managers or top management.

Q: What types of training do you offer?
A: We offer a wide range of management related training including financial management, business turnaround, performance measurement, strategic thinking & planning, consulting and personal finance.

Q: What are your areas of consulting services?
A: Among of the consulting jobs that we have delivered include employee satisfaction study, customer satisfaction study, market study, performance evaluation, and company turnaround consulting.

Q: Do you offer facilitation services?
A: Besides training and consulting we do also offer facilitation services to our clients such as in the development of strategic plan, development of business plan, development of KPI, and development of BSC

Q: What is your consulting fee structure?
A: Our consultants charge at either an hourly rate or daily rate depending on the nature of the engagement. Fees for consultation and facilitation vary depending on the nature and complexity of the work. We are happy to provide a proposal based on your need that specifies the outcomes and fees for your project.

Q: In what way do your clients benefit from your training programs or consulting services?
A: Our clients have benefits in a number of ways:
•    Increase in competency level
•    Increase in productivity
•    Increase in knowledge and skill
•    Preparation for smooth succession plan through creation of talent pool
•    Organization wide effective strategy implementation
•    Creation of highly motivated and versatile workforce
•    Helped promote organization learning
•    Solution to problems
•    Performance enhancement

Q: What is the background of your experts?
A: Our experts are comprised of seasoned consultants with proven track records and years of experience in all areas of business operations. The firm is led by Principals who have deep experience serving the leaders in the industries in which they practice. Our consultants come from both the consulting world and industry, so our teams have a good balance of “real world” insight and strategy-based training.

Q: Are your consultants “generalists” or “specialists” in a particular industry or service area?
A: We expect our consultants and senior consultants to join DSGC for a solid generalist experience, meaning that they will likely be exposed to our various service offerings and industries. Over time, some consultants and senior consultants may find that one service or industry particularly interests them. In this case, we encourage these consultants’ professional development and relationship building in their respective areas of interest, while they remain available to continue building their foundational skills and supporting the firm when there is demand in a particular area. As consultants become more senior in our organization, we expect them to specialize in a particular industry or practice area, since they will need to manage complex projects as they start to sell work.

Q: Can the consultant be available for a follow-up visit?
A: If possible, we recommend you bring the GPA Consultant back for additional visits as part of best practices in professional development. You can arrange for a second visit either one month or several months after the training. Consultants can also be available in an online forum after the initial visit to answer questions, give feedback, and facilitate any discussions.

Q: Why Attend Training at the Tampa SBDC?
A: DSGC offers training/seminars presented by industry professionals/practitioners with expert knowledge in the subject being presented. Benefit from a business professional/pratitioner with real world experience that can help you along the journey of running a successful business/organization.

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