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Succession Planning

Creating Value for Customers

The importance of learning techniques on “How Do I Create Value for My Clients?”. Most, if not all consultants work with multiple clientry, but before one can have that most desirable number of customers, not only does one have to be the best performing consultant on the field but also, one should learn various techniques […]



Business proposals greatly influence the outcome of landing on a new project. Which is why most businesses would often seek the help of skilled consultants to increase their chances on having the most favorable result. That being said, being a consultant is actually one of the best businesses that one can start, but what exactly […]


Valueable gift

In the market place today, competition for both products and services has become so stiff. Therefore, offering something more than what is on sale has become a necessity. By doing this, you add value to whatever service or product you were offering. This gives you, as the seller, the opportunity to increase conversion rates, customer […]


Consulting services guide

There are different kinds of services that consumers use everyday. They are common and often used based on the convenience and location such dry cleaning services or cab services. Then there are specialized ones that a consumer makes an informed and calculated choice about. Consultancy falls in this category. There are key characteristics of consulting […]


Traps in Consulting Business

For someone who enjoys being a consultant, bright future seems to come from having a business in this industry. The interest in it is not enough though. Setting up the details is a necessary part of the process. Because of the complexities of this matter, it can be quite easy to get confused and be […]

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