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Skills Development

Difficult clients

Usually when potential clients raise a query or concern the initial reaction is to attempt to overcome this in a clever way by talking them out of the objection. Ironically the more one tries to persuade them otherwise the more they tend to lose interest in the deal. Ways to overcome client resistance involves transforming […]


Skills to become a good consultant

In the world of business there is a growing desire to seek a set of skills and abilities deemed as the most effective in achieving goals. For optimal performance and successful outcomes one needs to determine the five key consultancy skills I must have to be a good consultant. Whether it be collaborating on a […]


Keep relationship with customers

It is necessary to build rapport in business, because it allows you to have a better understanding of your customers’ needs. Therefore, it is mandatory that you learn the keys to building rapport with your clients. Researchers have suggested many ways as bridges to creating strong rapport. These are discussed below. Create Interest The first […]

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Writing proposal

Making a new proposition is an important milestone of every entrepreneur, a great chance to have a new client and most importantly a new project. To be able to make an effective proposition and successfully land on a new project, it may be a great advantage for one to learn several tips to creating winning […]


Deal with difficult clients

Whether it’s a customer with a genuine complaint or just a personality that rubs you the wrong way, the day may come when you will need tips to handle difficult clients. Maybe you are a sales rep and your company has stuffed up on an order. Maybe your client keeps pushing you to deliver more […]


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