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adding value

Your clients are much more than money for current business. In fact, they very well may be future business as well. If you systematically provide them with more than they expected, you may develop a working relationship that continues for a lifetime. Exploring five ways to add value to your client may add a new […]


Keep relationship with customers

It is necessary to build rapport in business, because it allows you to have a better understanding of your customers’ needs. Therefore, it is mandatory that you learn the keys to building rapport with your clients. Researchers have suggested many ways as bridges to creating strong rapport. These are discussed below. Create Interest The first […]

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Build business network

Building a strong professional network in business is the key to success. As strange as networking as a concept may be to you, it is essential that you learn how to answer the question how can you build and leverage your professional network? If you can do this, you can make real progress within a […]


Good relationships with clients

There are a lot of acronyms and buzzwords that are going within the business community. People that want to successfully stay in business nowadays need to be very customer focused as it is important to built a relationship with clients. There are a lot of people however asking how can you build the relationship with […]


It is always a good idea to think about using social networking to promote your consulting services as it can open up a whole wealth of opportunities for the services that you can offer. In many cases it comes across as a more friendly way for companies to introduce one another so if used correctly […]


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