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Character of a consultant

There many aspects in preparing to be the best professional of the consulting business. More so, the improvement of technology is changing the traditional ways on how most companies run their business and that includes the type of professional that they need. As there have been big changes on the industry and technology, the characteristics […]



Consulting is an idea vocation on many levels. It enables one to capitalize on all the experience gleaned over the time they have been working in a sector. It is also a practical solution for exiting the nine to five routine and working flexible while remaining in their chosen vocation. There are five factors that […]


Internal Consultant

Every organization may have to face certain challenges every now and then. And since it is very important that these problems are attended to immediately, these firms often seek help from a learned expert to diagnose and provide treatment to such problems. Such is the role of internal consultant. It is not uncommon for organizations […]


Fears to be a consultant

Often individuals have great ideas for businesses and thoughts about new methods for improving services but end up not implementing these ideas for fear of failure. Everyone experiences hesitance to take the next step in using their initiative as one does not know what the future outcome may be. How do I overcome fears of […]


Speaker and Trainer Consultants

Becoming a consultant can be very exciting. It allows for many opportunities and it can also allow for many possibilities in the future. Many that are new in the consultant game may not understand that getting into this field is a process. It is not easy but once you are in, you can go far. […]


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