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Consulting Strategy

How to price your consultancy services?

Setting the right fee for your consultancy service is as hard as getting into the market itself. There are many loops to jump as you reel into the world of consultancy. Setting the right fee for consultancy service has since proven difficult to many people. Do it to carefully as you may price yourself out […]


Creating Value for Customers

The importance of learning techniques on “How Do I Create Value for My Clients?”. Most, if not all consultants work with multiple clientry, but before one can have that most desirable number of customers, not only does one have to be the best performing consultant on the field but also, one should learn various techniques […]


Presentation best practices

In order to make a successful proposal a lot of factors may have to be considered. For starters it is important for one to have and in depth knowledge on the probable project and client for one to make a convincing proposal. Furthermore, for one’s company to land a new project one is encouraged to […]


Business value propositions

In the business world, problems and issues have been known parts of their every operation. Which is why many establishments hire the assistance of consultation experts so they could be assisted along. Considering how clients expect that these experts will provide them with the right solutions, it is crucial that one knows about the five […]


Unique from competitors

In a very dynamic consultancy industry, it is hard to be on top always. In fact, it is hard to establish an identity and maintain its existence, no matter what industry we are talking about. It does not mean that there is no hope though. You just need to know how can you differentiate your […]


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