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Career Development

Skills to become a good consultant

In the world of business there is a growing desire to seek a set of skills and abilities deemed as the most effective in achieving goals. For optimal performance and successful outcomes one needs to determine the five key consultancy skills I must have to be a good consultant. Whether it be collaborating on a […]


Business risks

Most, if not many people would want to be self employed. Indeed, self employment persists in most of the people today. Everybody would always want to be his own boss and would gladly do anything to be a small business owner. Consultants could be a great example for that. However those that are on their […]


Business call

The different types of consultant are extensive. They span many industries, including education, technology, entertainment, management, retail, human resources, healthcare, real estate, construction, and transportation. Among their areas of specialty are biotechnology, political, tax, foreclosure, image, environmental, educational, medical, psychological, creative, media, information technology, loss-control, performance, and market-entry consulting. The function of biotechnology (biotech) consulting […]


Become a good consultant

You may have asked yourself this question, can anyone become a consultant? One can, by selling his or her expertise with the freedom it offers, it is suitable for professionals who are dissatisfied with their work or with parents who work part-time. Moreover, with the current changing commercial landscape, businesses also need consultants to develop […]


Build consulting career

It would be a good idea to start with setting up an effective marketing plan to promote your consulting career. One of the best ways to do this is by writing articles and submitting them to online directories. You can also write in blogs that will help drive traffic to your website. Effective marketing is […]


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