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Business Planning


After years of working in a particular sector, one may want a change of scene. It may also be that one wants to still work in the same sector but work more flexible or shorter hours. Starting a consulting business is one practical way to achieve the above ideals. Your question however may be how […]


Target market

Like in any other businesses, being in a consulting business involves a lot of risk and a lengthy process to achieve the best business plan. Keep in mind that this does not revolve around getting the profit right then and there. Do not forget that before you can actually provide professional service to anyone, a […]


Business goals

One can never get to his destination if he does not know where it is. This is plain logic. Hence, it is just logical to set a goal or two. These determine the direction of any action. In the business world, this sets the stage for the future. Someone who wishes to be in consultancy […]


When trying to drum up business, there are a number of proven techniques to identify consulting opportunities that you should familiarize yourself with. It is essential that you do not sit back and expect contracts to suddenly appear on your desk, only those businesses that have a driven approach will succeed in today’s highly competitive […]

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Traps in Consulting Business

For someone who enjoys being a consultant, bright future seems to come from having a business in this industry. The interest in it is not enough though. Setting up the details is a necessary part of the process. Because of the complexities of this matter, it can be quite easy to get confused and be […]

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