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Client engagement

Employing the services of consultants is something that more businesses are doing today in order to be more pro-active and productive. There are many different consultancy practices around and it can be difficult to choose the right one. With this in mind you will want to know what do clients care about before engaging a ...


adding value

Your clients are much more than money for current business. In fact, they very well may be future business as well. If you systematically provide them with more than they expected, you may develop a working relationship that continues for a lifetime. Exploring five ways to add value to your client may add a new ...


KPI's symbol

The latest buzzword to be getting a lot of attention from business managers is KPIs - key performance indicators. More simply known as metrics, these bits of information are the keys to proactively managing your business, instead of just reacting. When you aggressively look at how all the important aspects of your consulting business are ...



After years of working in a particular sector, one may want a change of scene. It may also be that one wants to still work in the same sector but work more flexible or shorter hours. Starting a consulting business is one practical way to achieve the above ideals. Your question however may be how ...


Difficult clients

Usually when potential clients raise a query or concern the initial reaction is to attempt to overcome this in a clever way by talking them out of the objection. Ironically the more one tries to persuade them otherwise the more they tend to lose interest in the deal. Ways to overcome client resistance involves transforming ...


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