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About Us

The Company

DSGC is an international management consulting and training company specializes in Business Management, Accounting & Finance, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Banking, and Personal Finance.

DSGC was established to help corporations, non-business organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals identify their key management and financial challenges, and provide them with the appropriate solutions and skill sets required.

DSGC is committed to designing and delivering solutions that enable companies and organizations to thrive in today’s complex business environment. We help our clients to define the measurable benefits that we will achieve together using our teams of client-focused consultants.

Who Started this Company?

Dr Saaid is the founder and CEO of DSGC. He has a wide range of experiences in senior management, consulting and entrepreneurship through his career development both in the industry and academic world for more than 30 years. In the course of his career he held a number of senior positions including Chief Operating Officer, Bank Manager, Managing Director and Principal Consultant. The last position held was the Director of Institute of Professional Advancement at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

With his years of leadership experience, development of training programs, management and business consulting, it has provided him with a unique and personal approach in coaching individuals as well as workgroups. Dr Saaid has engaged actively in a wide range of consultancy services for various private and public organizations including TNB group of companies and government agencies.

Dr Saaid earned his PhD in Management Accounting and Masters in International Banking & Finance. His areas of specialization include Consulting, Accounting & Finance, and Strategic Management. Dr Saaid is a sought after speaker and/or facilitator in Consultancy Pricing, Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategic thinking, Bank Management and Personal Finance. He is also a certified PSMB trainer. He can be contacted at e-mail:

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Our Vision

To be a leading management consulting and training firm with a global presence and strong regional roots in the geographic areas in which we operate.

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver our value propositions that make a lasting difference for our clients by working relentlessly and passionately.

DSGC’s Value Propositions

  • Partnership. We work collaboratively with our clients and strive to become an integrated partner with them.
  • Relationship. By acting as their trusted advisor, we aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients. Dedicated to nurturing and maintaining our clients’ trust, we deliver the highest possible quality in what we do.
  • Culture. Our organization and our culture are client-focused. As a professional services firm, we have embedded our clients’ priorities in our organizational model. Our clients come first.
  • People. Our client service philosophy recognizes that high quality services are delivered by talented and experienced people. Next to our clients, our people are our greatest asset.
  • Solutions. We deliver pragmatic and realizable solutions for implementation with sustainable results.
  • Passion. We have a passion for excellence: all of our consultants strive to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.

Our Clients

Our clients range from small-sized to large corporations or organizations for which we design, develop and implement solutions that deliver measurable benefits for an operating unit within a division or for the entire organization.

Our Expertise

We have professional consultants who are qualified through academics, professional certifications, hands-on coaching and consultancy experience equipped with a wide spectrum of expertise.

Our Clients